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3 reasons why Selling must always be Helping

As many may (not) agree, selling is not about pushing your product or service through the clients´ throat. Selling is about helping your clients get to a better situation thanks to your solution.

That's how I have always seen it, I don't sell to sell, I sell to help my clients. This works like a thread through my entire sales strategy. In practically every communication, I try to add value to my prospect, every email, every phone call, every (Zoom) meeting and also every offer is focused on how to help my clients.

The way of seeing things like this has many advantages, here the most important ones:

  1. If you focus on helping, you oblige yourself to “go deep” with the client by asking the right questions before pitching your solution.

  2. If you focus on helping, you are focusing on the client's value of your solution, not on your product or service features.

  3. If you focus on how to help your client (and find a good way together with your client), you get into a positive thread, and the client will perceive this in the same way and help you throughout the whole process.

It's a game changer and it all starts with asking the right questions and listening to your client. Like this, you get to know him better, he will tell you the relevant things you need to know and once you have found the way your solution can be a good fit for the client's organisation, you can work together on the next steps: which people should be involved, what information is needed, how does the procurement and contracting work and, later on, also prepare the onboarding of your solution. Every stage of the Sales Cycle needs to be completed and the client needs you and you will need the client to get till the end.

Only by seeing Selling as Helping, the final result will be much better than if we just sell to sell and don´t care about the rest.

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